Monday, November 9, 2009

Letter From Tyson

Letter Dated November 5, 2009

My Favorite Family!

HELLO!! This is the first time I have been able to write a letter. Today is our first P-day, so being the obedient one that I am, I decided to write today. So many things have happened since my arrival last Wednesday. This is the biggest thing I 've learned since then... THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! The Spirit is so strong and I love being here in the MTC. I always knew the Church is true, but being here amplifies that testimony by millions.

Our teachers are great! We have Brother Laubaugh and Sister Walker. They are both so great and so filled with the Spirit. Our Branch Presidency is great as well. I have been called as our District Leader! We have 10 Elders in our District and I love every one of them so much . It's been a challenge being District Leader, but I can feel of my Heavenly Father's love for me.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to interview my district. What a great day that was. I had felt direct revelation for each Elder as they met with me. I was able to answer their questions and feel the inspiration to their issues. I felt even more love for them as I worked with my Heavenly Father to address their needs. It's also been great because my leadership skills are able to be used. About our District, 8 of us are going to ID-POC and the others are going to CT-Hartford. We have all grown so close and love each other so much. One of our Elders is from England. He lives in Dedam (I have no idea where that is) It is great to hear his accent though. Our whole district picks up on his accent sometimes which is rather annoying, but as long as that's all that annoys me, I'll be fine. Another Elder is from Colorado. He lives in Thornton. He and I always brag about how beautiful Colorado is and such.

Now about my Companion. He is probably my largest road block here at the MTC. I'm trying to make it a goal not to say bad things, but let's just say that he is one of those Elders that's here just because his parents made him. He falls asleep all the time and mopes around. I have ZERO tolerance for Elders that mope, because that is not the reason we came out here on missions. Anyway, that is all the bad things I'll say. Know that I am working hard to get along with him and I'm praying my guts out to help my heart love him. I've talked to my teachers about this, well actually they both came to me and said they felt like I needed to talk to them. They have been such great support. I've even asked Elder Spencer, our Brit, for a blessing. Elder Shipley, my companion, is my comp for a reason, I'll just have to seek what that is.

Well I have other letters to write. I just have 1 request. Please send packages!!! I loved the CD's, but I need something from home. All my Elders get treats and such and I'm jealous! HaHa... Included in my treat package, can I have sent: 1. My slipper shoes (the blue/gray ones) they are the ones I wear all the time. 2. My jacket from London, (the white and grey stripes) 3. Shirts from my closed. (the light blue and the green one.) They both have collars.

I think that's all I need right now. I just want you all to know how much I love and don't miss you. (not in a mean way, just that my Heavenly Father has blessed me so much with no home-sickness) Please tell Brailee, Daiken and Estee that I love them so much and loved their Halloween costumes! I have those pictures on the wall.

Anyway, the Field is White, and I'm going to go harvest it! I love you all so much!!!

Peace and Love!
Elder Walker

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