Sunday, November 29, 2009

Family Letter From Elder Walker

Hello Family!

I wanted to write another message just for you. Today is my first family holiday away from home and I just wanted you all to know how much I love you. It's interesting how much my love for my family has grown since I've been serving.

Brailee, Daiken, and Estee - I love you kids so very much! I think about you everyday. I hope you are having so much fun in the snow! I just got some snow here in Idaho too! Thank you for all of the green toys and notes you sent me! I love you so much! Enjoy your day eating turkey!

Britnee and Adam - Thank you so much for my "greeney" package! It took Elder Call and I like 10 minutes to figure out what it was. He said, maybe they got St. Patricks day confused. Haha! The back scratcher and the ball thing are my new favorite things.

Adam, I really appreciate you letting me know that Idaho is not for ATV riding, I was confused. Haha! I know you wish you were here serving as much as I wish I was riding so this goes both ways buddy! What was your address when you lived in St. Anthony? Maybe we'll go tract it out.

Britnee, how is the new baby coming along? Are you ready to pop?? Just remember to eat double today, this is the baby's first Thanksgiving. Are you still on track for the 10th of January?

Mom - You have no Idea how much I miss you today. When I got a letter from Elder Bosen telling me he was going to eat with you all today I thought that maybe he and I could switch spots today. I love and miss you so dearly but I will get to talk to you soon.

Dad - It is so great to read your e-mails. It's my favorite part about p-day. I got your message about Elder Bosen staying another transfer! That is crazy! He told me that Brenda finally got baptized. That is great news to hear. How is the work going in the Perry Park ward? In our area we get so much help from our Bishops. If our ward mission leaders don't help, the Bishops step right in and do a great job.

Our Stake President is President Walker and he is determined to find a way that he and I are related. Can you and Mom do me a huge favor? My companion is way into family history and now has me wanting to know about my family. Especially about William F Rigby because everyone here knows about him. Can you send me a more detailed pedigree chart that goes back farther than the one I have and maybe include a little story or something interesting about them? Especially because everyday someone says "Walker? Where is your family from?" I then have to say, oh, I have no idea! So it would be nice to be able to answer that question.

Anyway, you all are so great! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Tell Elder Bosen and his new companion I say hi and I wish them the best. Have a great day!

Be sure to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to be a family, you are all definitely my greatest blessing.

peace out!
Best wishes,
Elder Walker

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