Monday, December 28, 2009

Elder Walker December 28

Hello Everyone,

So I tried sending an e-mail on Christmas day but when I went to send it the computer froze and deleted everything. So here is a recap of what has happened.

This past week was super slow because people were out of town for Christmas or they told us to come back after the Holidays. I'm excited for this week to be able to go back to work and teach. I don't want to say that last week was super unsuccessful because we did have two baptisms on Saturday for Stephanie and Kyle. The baptism went great; they both had a great experience. Kyle is 8 and Stephanie is his Mom. Both of Kyle's parents were not members so he is considered a convert. They both became interested in the Church when Kyle told Stephanie that he wanted to go to church. Elder Call and I stopped by after we heard they went to Church and to our surprise Stephanie had sent away several Missionaries in the past but for some reason said that we could come back and teach Her and Kyle. She later told us that she didn't know why she let us back but she just felt right about us. I think that Stephanie is one I was sent to Idaho to bring into the fold because it took the right Missionaries at the right time to help her.

Stephanie's 13 yr old son, Chance, we think might be interested in taking the lessons now that he watched his Mom and Brother learn.

We found out transfer information last night and Elder Call and I are staying in St. Anthony. It's weird now that I think about it because I will be about 10 minutes away from Torie, Tasia, and Jessica when they come up here to BYU-I in January. I never thought I would be so close to my friends when I went on a mission.

Elder Call received the new assignment as our District Leader and Elder Lagazo (our current district leader) is going to be our new Zone Leader. Elder Call joked this morning saying he knows why he is going to follow up training me, it's so he can do it properly the second time. That isn't true though, he did a great job of training.

I'm excited to stay here because we have several people that either have a baptism date in January or who will have one this week. It's weird because there are two boys, Treven and Carson, both are 10 and they both want to be baptized but their parents haven't given permission yet. The reason I say it's weird is because although we baptized 6 this transfer I haven't felt satisfied yet because those two haven't been able to be baptized yet. I hope I get to see that happen this transfer.

Last night we spent a few hours in the Dentist office because our district leader, Elder Lagazo, had serious pain in some teeth. I called up one of our ward mission leaders and he gave me a few dentists to call in the ward. We got a hold of one of them and he met us in his office. Long story short Elder Lagazo had to have three shots of that numbing stuff and had a serious root canal. he's doing alright now but he was in serious pain last night.

Well I think that is all of the updates for this last week. I am keeping the same address so please continue sending letters there. If you send it to the mission office first I usually receive them a few days later then if they are sent directly to St. Anthony.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great New Year.

Peace and Love,
Elder Tyson Rigby Walker

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