Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sister Walker Letter Update

Cute Bones!!! Always happy, always looking for the bright side of things! Her hand is healing - although slowly. And... she's going to be on a bike - oh my - more accidents just waiting to happen! (giggle) Here's what she has to say!

Waz up Folks???
I am still livin it up in Paradise with Sister Jernigan!!!! Yup, we made that transfer cut! I am so happy that neither of us got transferred! We are really getting things moving forward here!

We had an AWESOME weekend! On Saturday we left the celestial boundaries of our mission and traveled to the “other side” dun dun dun!!! Kelly’s baptism was fantastic! She was the perfect of all perfect investigators! She will be a Huge asset to this church! We got to meet President McCracken, the mission president of the west side. He is a really friendly man! I was excited to see him at the baptism! He was giving us a hard time and asking us how we felt on the more celestial side of Nevada and of course, I gave him a hard time right back and told him that President Christensen warned me to not be afraid when I crossed over the line and the spirit wasn’t as strong! Haha! They actually have some awesome missionaries over on that side! It as fun to see the other side of the strip… don’t worry, I was never on the strip! However, did get pictures of the back side of the Bellagio and the Rio and some other famous hotels/ casinos. It was like going on a vacation… for 4 hours! It was fun! The members that we got our ride with took us to CafĂ© Rio after and it was YUMMY!!!

It is so nice to be back to a normal schedule this week without Savior of the World. We weren’t getting home until 10:50ish almost every night last week and boy we were worn out. It is nice to be asleep again by 10:30!!

I went to the doctor last week for my hand. He says it is looking good and I don’t have a return appointment so that is exciting! It is still about 3-4 weeks behind in the healing process but as long as I take it easy, it will heal just fine!

I bought myself a bike for $20 at DI yesterday. We got our miles cut so we are going to be doing a lot of biking this transfer. I just need to fix it up quite a bit and then it’ll be good to go!

Let see, what else…? We went to the temple this morning so my brain is exhausted! I LOVE the Las Vegas Temple! I saw Sister Little at the temple, she was transferred into our neighboring zone that we do everything with. It will be fun to see her at Zone conference and such too!

So, I didn’t do a bad enough job being senior comp last transfer I guess because I am once again senior comp. Hmmm…. Maybe I’ll have to work on that this transfer. Or maybe I didn’t do a good enough job and President is giving me a second chance. Huh, who knows! I look forward to learning more this transfer! I love learning!

We have some really exciting baptisms coming up! I am super excited for everyone! I love baptisms… they make me smile all over!

Remember that the church is true, make good choices, don’t do drugs, be happy and remember that Heavenly Father loves you and remember that I LOVE YOU!

Love, ME!!!

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