Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bishop Walker

Hey Fam -

Can you believe that Dad is now "Bishop Walker"... ???

I just wanted to take a moment and post some thoughts about Dad. He's a pretty awesome guy and I'm sure glad I get to share my eternity with him.

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from the Stake Clerk. Nothing unusual - Bro. Huber usually calls me to set up PPI appointments or to pass on needed information. But this time when he called he said, "Can you meet with President Polson on Sunday evening and can Gyle come along?" I knew that instant that our lives were going to change.

At first I was heartbroken because if Dad was being asked to come along with me - I was sure it meant a release from my calling. I've loved every minute of the past 4 1/2 years! I love Relief Society and I love the sisters in our stake! I know that with every call comes a release - but it broke my heart to think about it.

But - as soon as I took a breath I suddenly thought "They're going to call Gyle as Bishop"

Sure enough - when we arrived at President Polson's office - my thoughts became a reality. I was and am still very happy about all of this. It just feels right and I am excited that Dad gets to be Bishop to send two of his children off on missions. I'm thrilled that we (Dad, Tyson and I) all get to be in the same ward!!! (Since we moved to Colorado, Dad has always been in the High Council or in the Bishopric of the Singles ward) And I'm most excited to see the spiritual blessings that will come to Dad and to our family.

During the call, and for the rest of that day, Dad was quite emotional. He wasn't so sure about what life was going to bring - and he was restless. The amazing thing is, that beginning the very next morning, I saw a physical change come over him - a true tangible thing. It seems as if his countenance took on a peaceful, calm, reassured confidence before my eyes. And within that same time, he became aware of what needed to be done and knew exactly how to go about doing it. Wow! What a testimony to see the Lord's hand in preparing him for this new adventure.

Well - I have not been released - Yet! I know the stake presidency is working on that - but I'm OK with it now. I know I have given my calling my very best and I can be released without one ounce of regret for anything.

OK - those are my thoughts today that I wanted to share. Love you all!!!

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Lianne said...

You guys are truly a great family! I am in no way surprised that you are the Stake Relief Society President, and that Gyle is now the Bishop. I'm sure that that will make for some busy Sundays though! And that is awesome that Gyle gets to send both
Chelsee and Tyson on their missions. How exciting! Good luck to your busy family!!