Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks has been exhausting, fun, hard and rewarding all at the same time!

First of all I quit my job! That was much harder than I ever expected... I've built up some wonderful relationships and it was tough to leave those behind. Although I love all of the people I work 'with' I really didn't have a 'boss' and there were so many huge things coming up that I truly felt like I did not want to put myself in a position to get caught in the middle of it all. Soooo - using all of the events of the past couple of weeks as my excuse, I simply 'excused' myself from work.

I then flew to Chicago and helped Britnee and Adam get packed up for their big move from Indiana to Colorado. Although Adam and his dad did the large majority of the packing and loading, I sure didn't sit still for very long at any one time.

Before the big drive back to Colorado we got to attend two graduations... (see the previous post) What an honor to be able to share this part of Brailee's and Adam's lives.

The drive back was really pretty uneventful! Adam drove the moving van and Britnee did most of the driving of the family van. (Poor thing gets car-sick so easy that I was the luckiest grandma of all to sit in the back and play with the kids) Once in Colorado, it only took a day and a half to get Britnee and Adam settled and stocked up and ready for life again.

Next was Gyle's birthday! Not that he would allow much celebrating, it was still quite a milestone event in our lives. (Gyle and I actually have more years behind us now that ahead of us) (Huge Sigh!!!) We spent Memorial Weekend camping per Gyle's request for his birthday! If he were given the choice of a camping trip versus a luxury hotel anywhere in the world - he'd choose the mountains.

Right after our camping trip, poor Tyson had his oral surgery (all four wisdom teeth removed and a bone graft to the front of his mouth where he is missing a tooth) Poor kid was pretty out of it for a few days.

The sisters in the ward visited out house on Thursday on a "Food Storage Parade of Homes" - thus - cleaning and scrubbing and preparing for that.

Throughout this same time, Chelsee has turned in her mission papers and her Bishop has informed her that her call has been extended and the paperwork is in the mail.

I've also been just a tad bit worried about Devin and Lianne - Devin started out with gusto, and I'm sure by now the 'door to door' work is getting very old and very annoying! At least when you are on your mission you are on the Lord's errand and you are blessed accordingly. I really don't think the Lord cares if someone buys a security system or not??? And poor Lianne - this is her first real time away from home and she is constantly on my mind! I so want this to be a good experience for both of them this summer.

In the midst of it all - I made several trips to several different grocery stores and believe it or not - I've not taken time to write a list so I'm still out of cheese and vegetable spray - go figure!!!

Today I was spoke at one of the wards for their Visiting Teaching Conference. Tomorrow morning I begin my new job! Yikes!!!!

Tonight I am feeling so full of mixed emotions!!! I think I need a day or two to do nothing but veg. I almost feel like I've just been herded from one thing to the next, including this new job, and part of me wants to dig in my heels and STOP!!! Take a breath - and then begin again.

I so enjoy the homemaking part of my life - being the mom. I've been so busy for the past month or longer that I haven't been the best of homemakers. You should see my closet (No, actually you shouldn't)

I am happy about the decision to change jobs - but tonight I wonder about it! I will be working with some absolutely incredible people, but it's just the newness that I wonder about. It's been nice being my own boss for the past 11 months and being able to set my schedule around what I needed to do.

Well, enough of random thoughts... I am looking forward to getting into a routine again. That will be good! The money will be great for missions (Chels and Tys will overlap) for vacations and for daily life - but it's not the money that I even worry about. Sheesh - I don't know... I suppose I should go to bed and get some sleep and wake up with a positive attitude ready to go tomorrow.


Lianne said...

Sounds like you guys have had some busy times! I'm glad the Harrops made it ok and are all settled in. That's so exciting for Chelsee! We can't wait to hear where she is going. Hopefully Tyson is recovering well. Devin and I are doing well out here, so you don't need to worry about us. :) I hope that your new job goes well and that it's everything you hope it is!! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Haylee and Brett said...

WOW!! what a couple of weeks! Thanks for keeping us updated. I dont ever know what is going on unless I read the blog! Miss you and love you more!

William&Megan said...

Wow Suzi! You are a busy woman! But you can handle it because you are WONDER WOMAN :) Love you and miss you SOO much!!