Friday, June 20, 2008

How are you doing?

Hello Everyone!

Are you all on target with your Book of Mormon reading?? Just checking up on all of you. I am having an amazing experience reading with a missionary mind. I truly get so excited to read each day. Isn't it great when you can feel that. When you love to feed your spirit as much as feed your body- like ice cream? I've have so many things I've wanted to share with all of you, but haven't been able to get to the computer the last little while.

When I was working out yesterday, I read President Erying's talk- Priesthood Session. AMAZING!! Please all of you, even if you have read it- read it again! One particular thing that stood out to me was when he said, "You can stufy the word of God, not for yourself alone but to be an emissary of the Lord Jesus Christ to all the world. When you increase your power to teach the gospel, you are qualifying to help Heavenly Father in gathering His children."

Yea! That is what we are doing! As a family too, which is so neat. This will be such a powerful experience for all of us- if we all do this. I hope you are all reading with a missionary mind and looking for ways in which we can learn to be better missionaries. We can have neat experiences ourselves, while Chelsee is on her mission and Tyson as well.

Go Walker missionary family!! Keep motivated! Love you all! ~Britnee

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Lianne said...

I am always amazed at how spiritual the Walkers are. You guys have always been such good examples to me and I really appreciate it!! I hope that the challenge is going well for you all!