Friday, March 21, 2008


* Can I just say that playing "Duck Duck Goose" with Brailee is so much fun!!! I love the giggles of the kids when you are the goose and you have to chase them. And then, when you're chasing Brailee, Daiken stands in front of you with his arms spread out and he is the gate. How could you ever win with Daiken gating your progress?

* Giggles! Estee giggles when you play with her. Daiken giggles whenever Tyson plays with him. Brailee giggles when you tell her, "Don't give me kisses... don't do it" But the best part is the huge kiss you get anyway!

* Easter eggs - what can I say? We hid 36 - found 31. Ooops! Pretty sure the others will show up in the next day or two. Had to hide them inside because it's SNOWING outside! Isn't this supposed to be spring???

* Family! Yup - it's times like this that I wish the whole family was here to be part of the memories. The farm was amazing! (well until they take the mom cow away from the baby cow and they never get to see each other again!) We played in the mall today... kids on the carousel and Estee got her photo taken. Adam and Tyson went on a hike this morning but didn't go far 'cuz the snow came. We colored the best looking eggs in town. Daiken kept coloring the same egg over and over until it came out looking a bit like brown camo.

* Balls: Did you know that Daiken has to sleep with his ball at night? Not a doll - not a teddy bear - not a blanket... his BALL.

OK - gotta quit blogging here but just wanted you all to know how much fun "Family" is! Can't wait to spend time with Dev and Lianne and play with their little ones!!! (this is not an announcement) I will be very excited to be Nana to a whole bunch more of these little precious spirits!

Love you all ... Mom / Nana


Walker Circle said...

Well, if Chelsee ever makes it through finals then she will be going on a mission! Haha!
I might just end up becoming a corpse in the library! My brain is already fried and I still have two weeks to go!
I will officially be turning my papers in on May 13 -- 50 days from today!!!! I had to change the date because I had to change my availability to August 20th.
Anyway, just pray that I make it through finals so that I can get on my mission this fall!

Harrop Family said...

mom, I hope you and Tyson had a good time. I, again as always, owe a lot to you after this visit. Thank you for loving my kids.