Thursday, March 20, 2008

...and then we saw a baby cow being born!

So today, March 20, 2008, Mom, Tyson, Adam, Britnee, Brailee, Daiken, and Estee all went to Fair Oaks Farm. What a fun, and very educational day we had. We started off by going to see a baby cow being born. It was absolutely amazing. The baby comes out with the from hoofs first, and then the head, then the rest of the body. The baby we saw, it was the mothers first time giving birth. She didn't quite know what to think about that. She was nervous and scared. She kept standing up, when she was supposed to be laying down and her poor legs were just shaking. She got so nervous, that she stopped pushing so the calf's front hoofs were just hanging there. Finally the attendant had to go in and help pull it's legs out. But that wasn't working so she finally had to get some ropes to put on each leg and she had to pull the baby out. The mother was only two years old. They consider them adult at age two. Everyone left, except for Suzi and Britnee. I suppose, for us who have gone through that ourselves, we were a bit more fascinated than the boys and kids.

Just a cute picture of the kids

Hey, Who are those cute girls? Here we are riding on the bus for our tour of the cows. There was a lot of information and it was very interesting to learn how the cows are fed, milked, cleaned, where they spend their days and where the calves go after they are born. Brailee loved being a big girl and wearing sunglasses just like her Nana.

After the bus tour we saw a 3D movie where we got milk sprayed on us three times! Daiken was not happy about that. He never got sprayed, but the sound scared him really bad. Then of course we had to go to the cheese factory and eat some ice cream and taste some cheese. Mmmm, yummy ice cream. So that was our day. Our fun adventure to the Farm.

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