Sunday, May 18, 2008

Once again, the update on Chels!

So, this semester has been officially Crazy Busy! I love it though! I am literally gone every day from 9 in the morning till about 8 or 9 or 10 or 11 at night. Between classes, work, TA-ing, Student Spirit Events, chruch activities, mission stuff, and some play time, my days are spread extremely thin! But, I couldn't have it any better! I love my classes! I am taking Drugs and Society which is a Sociology 420 course on drugs and the effect they have on our society, Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences aka English 315 with a teacher that is one of my favorites here on campus, and New Testiment with a teacher that I had last semeseter who is Amazing! I am also taking 6 half credit classes online and TA-ing for 1 credit. Yeah, call me crazy but it is awesome!
I have loved TA-ing! I got to run the class the other day because Berg (Robyn Bergstrom, one of my previous teachers/ really great friend) was in Chicago. I love having the power!!! Hahaha! It has been a great learning experience so far!
I am still working in the Communication Department, answering phones, making copies, running errands, buying candy, wrapping presants, e-mailing, chatting with Professors, listening to students complain, and so on and so forth.... I tell everyone I have the best job on campus! I came to realize how blessed I was the other day as I was at a retirement party for one of the Professors. I looked around the room and realized that I have about 15 dads and 7 moms on campus who truely care about my well-being! They are incredible people and I am SO glad I get to work with them and learn from them everyday!
SSE has become my new social life! I LOVE Student Spirit Events! It is pretty much like being on Student Body.... the only difference is that we get to plan all of the fun events for the school and the Student Body gets to deal with all of the not so fun things on campus! I am on the Spirit Week board and I am planning the Spirit Week Luncheon. The luncheon is to honor the Torch Bearers who are people that emulate the Spirit of Ricks! President Clark asked if he could speak at the Luncheon last week so there was a bit of re-planning but it will be great!
As you should know... My mission papers went in last Tuesday 5/13. There was a little mix up with some health stuff but it is getting taken care of and they should be processed this week! I am so excited! It is interesting, I thought that I would be going crazy by this point but I am actually quite calm! The Lord definitely knows that I need to be focused on school right now and has blessed me with the ability I need to stay focused!
Well friends, that is just about it! I will keep you posted on the Mission Call! Woohoo! Hope everyone is doing well!


Lianne said...

I'm glad that everything is going well for you! Sounds like school is really good! I am so excited to hear where you get your call to as well!!

Harrop Family said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Love getting up dates on you. Love you to pieces.

Us... said...

Wow! Isn't life great? And aren't you glad that you are healthy enough to conquer all that you are doing? Way to fill your life with good things!!! Love ya, Mom